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This community = my birthday present. ^^

Arr. The VBPC's community is up and running. The layout and icon are quite temporary, until Livvy (defectivewhore) can make them spiffy. Savvy? Do you guys think this comm. should be invite only, or no?

In pirate news: I went to POTC today, fifth time. I've been informed that this is sick. Oh well. I enjoi it. Jackie (luvbreedsuicide), (psycho_groupie), and I pointed out EVERY flaw, recited all the lines, and made politically incorrect jokes through the whole movie. 5th, 4th, and 5th times, respectively. I braided my hair (just added a feather!), resembling the braids Jack had (No dreads though.) ;D Jordan made one of those jokes that really isn't funny, but at the moment is horribly, disgustingly hilarious. I had tears running down my face. When we got out, I had eyeliner all near my eyes, I had to get it off. Speaking of getting out of the movie: We stayed in after the credits to see a 20-second clip of the damn monkey. Jackie made obscene gestures over the projector, not realizing there was a maintainer standing RIGHT BEHIND THE WINDOW. So we ran. Into the women's bathrooms. Good fun. ^^

A pirate's life for me.
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