//Here there be pirates//


The Vero Beach Pirate's Club
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This is the official Vero Beach Pirate's Club Community.


1. To become a member, you must live in the Vero Beach area, and you must love/ be a pirate. (exceptions are honorary members, admitted by _away_from_here.
2. Absolutely no derrogatory comments towards members.
3. Please post actively about pirate type things you have done, or really anything random. We love randomness here at VBPC.
4. If you'd like to become a member, post in _away_from_here's journal.

Members of the Vero Beach Pirates Club
x..Veronika (_away_from_here) - Commadore.
x.. Jackie (luvbreedsuicide) - Captain.
x.. Ashley (moshingkittyash) - First Mate.
x.. Jordan (psycho_groupie) - Second Mate.
x.. Olivia (defectivewhore) - Wench.
x.. Iris (irisamelia) - Poet/Honorary Member.
x.. Scott (heeroz) - Honorary Member.